Before the games starts and after briefing about the game and safety rules is finished, each player receives his paintball equipment consisting of the vest, the marker (gun) and the mask.

Chest Vest




The vest serves a double purpose. First it protects the player’s torso by covering his chest and back and second it visually separates the two teams as it is offered in two colors. Black and camo.





The marker (gun) is the one that shoots the paintballs in the hopper (magazine) in order to mark the opponent. There are two types of markers in our field.



♦  Paintball Marker (For players ages 13 and above)

Paintball Marker (for players aged 13 and above)
This marker has a compressed air tank that is used to launch the paintballs. The effective range of this marker is 50m and the speed of the paintball is 100 meters per second. On the top side of the marker is the hopper where the paintballs are stored. The capacity of the hopper is 200 paintballs. The marker operates in a semi-automatic mode, which means that every time you squeeze the trigger, one paintball is shot.




♦  Kids Paintball Marker (Ages 8-12)

Paintball Marker for kid’s paintball (for players aged between 8 and 12 years)
This marker is specially designed for small children. Having a very light construction it launches paintballs at a reduced speed so that the kids do not hurt and to enjoy the game. The paintballs are inserted into a special chamber above the barrel. Maximum capacity 18 paintballs



The mask is the most important piece of equipment in paintball as it protects the player’s face during the game. In addition to the security issue, the quality of a mask can make a difference or even judge a game, and for that reason we have not made any compromises when choosing it. The masks we use not only adhere to all safety standards but are also improved based on our experience in the following ways:




Safety is the number one priority in Adventure Paintball. For this reason all of our masks are equipped with an extra strap that secures the mask to the player’s face. As soon as this strap snaps into place, the mask can not come out of the player’s face even if he wants to. This strap unlocks only with the special key that is outside the track. This is to eliminate the chances of an absent-minded player taking off his mask into the field during the game.


Cleanliness and hygiene

Great attention is also given to the hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment. There has been a special alteration on the masks so that the sponges are removable so they can be washed thoroughly after each use. This way you can be sure that the only sweat that will touch your face will be yours. This level of thoroughness in cleanliness will only be found in Adventure Paintball as all sponges in masks that are found in the market are not removable.



One of the biggest problems with the operation of the mask is the lens becoming blur. This problem does not exist in our masks as we have invested in special thermal lenses that prevent the mask from blurring. This way, you will be able to clearly see through your mask, no matter what weather you play with.

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