Kids Paintball

Kids Paintball

Kids Paintball

Until now, only children over the age of 13 could enjoy paintball. Now, with our new equipment, children aged 8 ~ 12 years can try an unforgettable paintball experience. Kid’s paintball is one of the most fun and alternative games for boys and girls alike. Adventure Paintball, with a presence of many years in the city of Thessaloniki, offers a new form of entertainment to train and excite children. Make an appointment, either for a kid’s party or for a simple game with their friends, and enjoy your drink as we deal with their entertainment


♦ What’s different with the new gear

Simply put, our new equipment is a product that throws paintballs which mark with color during contact. The paintballs are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and the paint is easily removed with water. These markers are spring cocked and they shoot paintballs at a speed of 45 meters per second (less than half the speed of normal paintball markers). At this speed you can see the paintball travel in the air before heating the target. These markers are designed to allow children (and adults!) aged 8+ to easily cock, fill and shoot. If we compare paintball with go karts, then our new equipment would be like bumper cars.








♦ Which ages does it address to?

This particular equipment addresses to kids (boys and girls) aged between 8 and 12 years old. Younger kids can also participate as long as they can handle (cock and shoot) the marker. If you are not sure if your child can handle the marker, contact us for a trial.


♦  Is it Safe?

Yes. All players are equipped with special face masks that are worn ALWAYS during the game. Also, there is always at least one referee supervising the kids and making sure the game and safety rules are followed.


♦  Does it Hurt?

The paintballs we use are designed to hurt as little as possible. The impact from the paintball can hurt a bit like a small sting, but for the most part, the game is completely harmless.




♦  Is there any area for the parents to wait?

Of course there is. Parents can sit in the cafeteria drinking their coffee or refreshment while admiring their children’s heroisms during their game time.


♦  What kind of clothing should kids wear?

Kids must wear casual clothing. The colored fill inside the paintballs comes off with a simple wash. Also, kids should necessarily wear closed athletic shoes (not sandals etc). Depending on the season and the weather, they many need to bring a sweater or a jacket with them.






♦  What kind of games are available?

There are two types of games available for kid’s paintball for you to choose from:

Shooting Practice
When practicing shooting, kids enter our fields and they try to hit specific targets within a pre-determined time. There is no minimum number of players for shooting practice (a kid can participate on its own). Each player participating in a shooting practice session receives all the necessary equipment and 45 paintballs. The duration of a session is about 10 – 15 minutes.

Paintball Game
In order for a paintball game to take place a minimum of 8 participating kids is necessary. If the kids are less, then parents can also participate. Players are divided into two teams and they try to hit opponents hiding behind cars, barrels, hills, tires and various other obstacles that can be found within our specially formed fields. Players play six games that last about an hour (including the preparation time between the games). Each player will be given all the necessary equipment and paintballs that are needed to play these six games.


♦  Is an appointment needed?

Yes, to book a shooting practice session or a kid’s paintball game you must make an appointment several days (even weeks depending on the period) before. You can make an appointment either by phone or by sending us an email

♦  Is a down payment Needed?

Yes, in order for an appointment to be valid, it must be accompanied with a 30€ advance payment, which must be settled no later than one week before the date of your appointment. The amount of the advance payment is of course deducted from the total amount paid on the day that the game will take place. The ways you can make an advance payment are listed on our pricelist page. For a shooting practice session there is no need for an advance payment.

♦  How much does it cost?

For information regarding prices and seasonal offers, please see our pricelist.

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